Al-Furqan Academy's board is carefully chosen to achieve the goals of Al-Furqan Academy which is to promote balanced education excelling spiritually and academically. Following are the members:

  1. Br. Fareed Ahmed (Chairman)

  2. Br. Saleh Mohammed (treasurer)

  3. Br. Moinullah Sharieff, founding parent

  4. Dr. Ahmed Jingo, founding parent

  5. Sr. Samina Ahmed, Principal

  6. Br. Ehab Jaleel - Executive Director, Amana Acadamy a charter school.

  7. Mufti Sameer Wahid - Founder Islamic Institute of Atlanta

We pray to Allah (swt) that HE guides all of us towards righteous actions and may each and every action of ours be to please HIM and HIM alone, ameen