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Admissions Process

This program is open to both boys and girls.

Grades: K - 12 (Limited space per grade)

Alhamdulillah, at Al Furqan Academy, we receive many applications each year. Each application is carefully evaluated by our admissions committee.

Admission at Al Furqan Academy is based on a combination of the following:

  • Past school performance (report cards)

  • Teacher recommendations

  • Successful student interview


Step 1:  Applying

To apply at Al Furqan Academy, one must fill out the online application and pay $150 registration fees.

Step 2: Follow-up

After receiving the application, our admissions office will follow-up. 


Step 3: Interview

After the application is received, you will be contacted regarding an interview, if needed.  The Admissions Committee may perform a personal interview to determine whether an applicant will experience success at Al Furqan Academy.

Step 4: Fees / Donation

If everything goes well and the application wishes to enroll at Al Furqan Academy, full payment will be due.  An installment plan and/or financial aid is reserved only for those families who can demonstrate that they cannot afford the payment with the approval of the Admissions Committee. 

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